Skin Analysis & Face Mapping

If you’ve ever wondered why your complexion is dry in some areas, yet oily in others or the causes behind your random breakouts, it’s worth looking at your skin a little deeper. The art of Face Mapping helps you to analyse your skin in depth to discover the route of your skin troubles and tailor a targeted skincare regime to combat them. 

How does it work?

Rather than looking at the face in general terms, this revolutionary form of skin analysis divides the face into 14 different sections, or ‘zones’. Each zone will have potential problems and unique needs as well as specific reasons behind the skin concerns that appear there. For example, if you’re suffering from regular breakouts on the forehead this can be associated with your beauty habits, including residue from hair products and the removal of makeup.

The good news is that once you’ve identified these areas of concerns, it makes it much easier to understand why you’re suffering and the products and treatments you can incorporate to achieve the skin you desire. Below is a handy table highlighting the most common concerns found in each zone of the face, their causes and MONU’s product recommendations.

Common Skin Concerns & Recommendations

Zone 1&3

What to expect - congestion, breakouts and dehydration

Common causes - hair products, improper make-up removal

Recommendations - double cleanse with Micellar water and Cleansing Balm, Blemish treatment to treat small breakouts

Zone 2

What to expect - congestion, redness and dehydration

Common causes - excess sebum, improper make-up removal

Recommendations - Recovery Balm to treat, sooth and hydrate

Zone 4 & 10

What to expect - comedones, congestion and secretion

Common causes - product residue, hormones

Recommendations - ensure this area is included in your daily cleansing routine.


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