Spring Skincare – Spring Staples

Spring Skincare – Spring Staples


After months of dull, dreary weather – and plenty of rain – spring is finally on the horizon. Transitioning your skincare from season to season can take a little preparation, but why not take inspiration from the lighter mornings and longer days and start switching up your skincare in time for the warmer, sunnier days ahead.


Here’s our experts’ top tips for getting a healthy, glowing complexion just in time for spring.


1. Renew the skin

With cold air comes dry skin, which is why exfoliation is at the top of our list of glow-getting springtime saviours. Committing to a regular exfoliation routine will help you achieve a fresh, dewy glow by sloughing off dead skin cells and unblocking pores. Instead of harsh scrubs, opt for a gentle cleansing formula that uses fruit acids, like Exfoliating Enzyme, which will be gentle on the skin but still leave it looking brighter and healthier in no time at all.


Plus, now you’ve got rid of the build-up of dry skin your moisturiser will work more efficiently to keep your skin hydrated.


2. Swap your moisturiser

The skin tends to hold more water in the warmer months, which means it doesn’t need as much hydration. Swapping your moisturiser for a lighter formula will be enough to quench the skin and avoid any build-up, breakouts and clogged pores that may be caused by heavier products. Our experts recommend looking for a hyaluronic acid or water-based formula, like Beauty Balm to keep skin looking soft, supple and smooth.


Top Tip:

Give your skin an extra energy boost by using a serum; Brightening Boost is one of our favourites. Use it underneath your moisturiser to refine skin tone and instantly restore your natural glow.


3. Micellar Water

MONU Micellar Water is formulated using micelle molecules, which attach to makeup and debris to effectively, but gently, cleanse the face. Even the most stubborn water-proof makeup doesn’t

stand a chance against micellar water! Post-cleanse, skin is sure to feel clean, fresh and hydrated.


4. Lighter makeup

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with lighter-weight foundations and let your natural skin take centre stage. Avoid heavier formulas that are likely to cause build-up and lead to breakouts and instead look for a tinted moisturiser that offers both coverage and sun protection.


MONU Perfecting Tint provides a natural mineral pigment that creates a subtle colour to suit your skin tone. It provides all day moisture whilst blurring imperfections and enhancing the complexion for the perfect no makeup-makeup look.


5. Body care

It might not be shorts weather just yet, but there’s nothing wrong with being prepared! Practicing good skincare all over your body will help to redress the skins moisture balance and get rid of dry, flaky winter skin.


After a bath or shower, we always reach for Enriched Body Cream. It’s packed full of nourishing ingredients, like Cocoa Butter and Vitamins A, B5 and E to condition and calm the skin, as well as an invigorating blend of zesty essential oils to make sure you smell incredible, too!


With these five simple steps, spring skincare is easier than you think. Just a few simple tweaks here and there and you’re ready to head into the new season.


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