Understanding your skin breakouts

If, like us, you’re no stranger to sudden breakouts, you’ll understand how frustrating they can be. Sometimes it feels as though, no matter how much you cleanse, tone and scrub they still appear from nowhere and often at the worst of times. Whilst they’re easy to conceal, wouldn’t it be great to say goodbye to troublesome skin for good?

If this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time to study your skin a little deeper to understand what your breakouts are trying to tell you. There are certain patterns you could be repeating that can cause you to breakout or exacerbate your acne.

Where are you breaking out?

Are your spots concentrated to a certain area of your face? Looking carefully at your spots and understanding where your breaking out will help you uncover the route of the problem. This theory is called Face Mapping and suggests the location of your acne could present clues as to what’s causing it.

In this blog we help you explore some of the most common acne triggers and what you can do to control breakouts.

Spots on the Forehead

If your spots are mainly concentrated to the forehead this could indicate to problems with the digestive system. Generally, this is caused by high fat intake, so to help your body break these foods down its best to cleanse your diet with plenty of fruit and veg and increase your intake of water. If things don’t improve, this could indicate a possible food intolerance.

Spots Between the Eyebrows

Spots in this area are linked to the liver, so if your finding a pimple or two after a night out or late-night takeaway, you know why! Stick with healthier choices as often as possible and trade in a night out for a night in every once in a while – trust us when we say your skin will thank you for it!


Spots on the nose tend to be linked to the heart. The heart is part of an entire system that pumps throughout the body, meaning that anything that goes wrong with that system can be linked to the nose. This includes everything from high blood pressure to cholesterol levels and even stress. This area is also full of dilated pores so make sure to keep anything that meets it, like makeup brushes, clean. Check your blood pressure and try things like yoga to reduce stress, whilst replacing fatty foods with fruit and vegetables, nuts and omega-rich fish.

Spots on the Cheeks - Respiratory

Spots on the cheeks are generally linked to the respiratory system. So, if you smoke, work in the city or come into contact with polluted air you’re going to notice breakouts here. Whist it can be hard to avoid pollution altogether, there are things we can do to reduce its impact on the skin. For example, add plants to your home or office to help purify the air, or invest in a purifier, or take a walk in the countryside to increase exposure to fresh air. It’s also important to maintain a thorough skincare regime to ensure dirt and grime is removed from the skin

Spots on the Chin

Chin spots can signal a change in hormone, so you’ve probably noticed the dreaded chin spots rearing their heads around the same every month. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot that can be done to prevent these spots – just another treat from Mother Nature – however there are steps that can be taken to control them. For example, in the days before your period, paying extra attention to your skincare will make a big difference to your breakouts. Opt for face washes, tones and masks that contain clarifying ingredients like Witch Hazel or Salicylic Acid to control oil production.


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