TANWORX Ultimate Self Tanning Foam Collection Dark

TW Ultimate Foam Dark VDrk v2
TW Ultimate Foam Dark VDrk v2 against animal


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This collection has been created to give you the best possible sunless tan.

Follow our skincare philosophy by perfectly preparing your skin with the Tanworx Exfoliating Cream to leave your skin clean and revived and ready for your Tanworx tan.

The smooth Tanworx Self Tanning Foam is easy to apply. Using the Tanworx Tanning Mitt, simply glide onto the skin and use circular movements to give even coverage. Wash off after 8 hours to reveal a bronzed glow. Finally, to make your tan last even longer, use the Tanworx Tan Maintainer to nourish your skin and extend your sun-kissed look.


  • Self Tanning Foam
  • Exfoliating Body Cream
  • Tan Maintainer
  • Tanning Mitt

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